Monday, March 16, 2009

The Cell That Defies Evolution

What cell could defy the teachings of evolution? Even though a cell phone is an evolving piece of technology, it won't work. A cell of people who are part of a larger group won't work either. While there are several different kinds of cells there is only one that will defy evolution and that is the human cell.

The human body is a marvel to say the very least. Within each human exists somewhere between 10 and 75 trillion cells. These are the only numbers I've seen recently that dwarf the recent stimulus package from Washington! The actual number of cells is dependent on a person's size and age. Of these trillions of cells there are two hundred identified variations like nerve cells, red and white blood cells. There are cells that fight infection as well as cells that help us forget things.

Each one of these trillions of cells contains--what has been estimated to be--one billion compounds. When you take a snapshot of the whole person we're talking about something like 75 sextillion compounds!!! I can't even begin to imagine a number of that magnitude! To make it even more staggering there are approxmately five million different kinds of proteins in those compounds. These proteins know where they are going and exactly what they are to do once they have reached their destination.

Within each cell is a nucleus that contains 23 pairs of complex chromosomes that are know as DNA. These chromosomes contain 100,000 genes that can be broken down into six billion chemical bases of which there are four kinds. They appear in every person in various combinations that tell the body all that it needs to know about development, physical characteristics, eating, surviving and reproducing.

This brief information about the cell is like touching the tip of the iceberg! What is important to understand is that anything this complex with millions of functions going on at the same time could not have possibly have had the time to develop in six or eight or ten billion years of evolutionary existence! It is statistically impossible for the human cell to be the result of random selection. To say otherwise would mean that it would be possible to put a Random House Dictionary of the English Language in a paper shredder, dump the pieces off the Empire State Building and when it all hit the ground it would somehow find itself once again a bound large dictionary!

In these confused days of change and confusion it's nice to know that this information was all known before the microscope was even invented. Listen to the words of the Psalmist in Psalm 139: verses 13-14 when he wrote "For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works." It is vital to know in these uncertain times that God loves you and He uniqually designed you! Did you know that in 1860 Charles Darwin said that he had no intention to "write atheistically." It makes you wonder if those who teach atheistic evolution today are not more interested in convincing people that there is no God rather than actually expecting us to believe that the cell just happened!

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